Originally published on The Queensland Times

IT has been a year of huge change for Ipswich.

The city voted in a new council after a 19-month administration period amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ipswich’s first female mayor Teresa Harding has set about leading the city into a new era.

The Ipswich local government area is the fastest growing region in Queensland with its population of 228,500 expected to soar to 558,000 by 2041.

Cr Harding is using the October state election to push for much-needed infrastructure for the rapidly growing city she feels has been overlooked for too long.

The council’s planning and regulatory services annual report for the 2019/20 financial year shows which areas have experienced the most growth over the past 12 months.

As of June 30, Ipswich is home to 228,544 people with 84,056 dwellings across the city.

Over the past financial year, 7005 new residents moved to Ipswich, 2,495 new dwellings went up, 1,749 new lots were created and 1,147 lots were approved.

The suburb with the biggest growth in the past year was Spring Mountain with 1247 new people and 442 new dwellings.

It is followed by Redbank Plains (900 new residents and 394 new dwellings), South Ripley (704 new residents and new dwellings), Ripley (512 new residents and 184 new dwellings) and Deebing Heights (503 new residents).

About 70 per cent of Ipswich’s growth in the coming years is expected to happen in the corridor between Ipswich and Springfield.

Map of the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area and the developers working within it.
Map of the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area and the developers working within it.

Greater Springfield, which has 40,000 living there currently, will grow to 100,000 people according to council planners.

The Ripley Valley, which currently has 12,000 residents, is expected to grow to 135,000 according to council planners.

The above map shows the developers working within the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area.


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