Hello everyone, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group, constructions, investment, property management. Great talking to you again. Some folks always ask me, “Glen what should we be looking for when purchasing an investment property?” Well that’s quite simple. What you should be looking for is, number one I believe, is great infrastructure. That’s a given if you know what I mean. The past, the present and if possible if you could know what’s planned for the future. Great infrastructure, schools, shopping centres, public transport, hospitals, how close they are to the investment. You know things like that. Naturally I can talk to you about it. Does it matter if it’s a house,unit or town house? Well it kind of does because if you’re buying in the heart of the city, right, the chances are that it’s going to be either a townhouse or a unit. Further away from the city, further away meaning not that further away, but further away. You could look at a house. It also depends on your budget keep that in mind. Depends on your budget. Folks also asked me the cost involved into getting into it. Well with us, to start off with, it will cost you roughly about at present about $2,000 to hold the investment. Now, if you are not able to proceed with the investment, the entire holding deposit is refunded back to you in full. But if you do proceed with it, it comes off the price of the investment. That’s basically what’s coming out of your pocket. All right. Everything else you can borrow, the cost of the the investment, stamp duty, conveyancing, holding costs. You can borrow all of that depending on the on the equity, you have in your own place. If not you have to come up with cash. All right. Another attribute for a great investment is someone looking after it extremely well. So you need a great property manager. Someone who’s on the ball. Right? Who knows what it’s all about, who keeps in touch with you, who emails you all the time. Also, insurances. You got to get all your insurances done. Building insurance, most of all landlords protection insurance. Now, landlords protection insurance does not cost a lot. All right. It’s just a few hundred dollars,but I tell you one thing. It’s peace of mind. So here’s some of the things that you need to know about getting a great investment. Capital growth of the area, what’s planned. Sit and talk to me. Give me a buzz, and let’s have a bit of a chat. Once again, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group, constructions, investments, property management. Nice talking to you and chat with you soon. Bye for now.


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