What made Glen start his investment property companies?

Watch how Glen Wambeek, the Managing Director of 21st Century Group (Investment-Construction-Management) started his journey in property investment in 1993.

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I started off many years ago with a construction company. And I was quite naive  and I didn’t know anything of what was happening. I didn’t know a single thing of investing and I would say it’s going back now for over 27 years and but I quite quickly found out that this company wasn’t doing the right thing by their  clients or by their investors, so I thought I’m going to branch out and a lot of my friends said don’t be crazy because at the end of the day they are looking after you and I said no they’re not actually looking after me because if they were looking after me, they would be doing the right thing by the investor, because at the end of the day I was the one who was talking to the investor and the investor was putting their faith and trust in what I was saying and doing and promoting. And if I wasn’t happy with the product and I knew that there was something wrong, then the investor would look at me. Hence I left this company and started my own company 21st Century  Marketing and Advertising 25 years ago. That’s how it all started I then started off 21st Century Property Investments as well as 21st Century Property Constructions. 

21st Century Property Constructions is my construction company. We are fully licensed company with the QBCC which is a Queensland Building and Construction Commission and we also belong to the HIA. About three years ago, I started a company called 21st Century Boutique Properties which is licensed with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and that was for the rental side, rental and sales of existing properties.


Investing In Property Has Never Been So Easy 

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