What if something goes wrong when you own a property investment?

Owning an investment might not work out the way it’s planned to. Generally, they do.

But with upsides, there are also downsides.

Here’s a bit of thought regarding those rainy days.


Another question which most folks ask me, before they invest is, “What if something horribly goes wrong?” 

As an example, if they lose their job? Well these things could happen and you need to have some sort of contingency plan. As an example,putting a few dollars aside every week. 

But you know if you also lose your job there’s income protection, and the chances are because you are focused and you do know that you’ve got a few investments, property investments outthere, the chances are that you’ll go looking for a job and you will get a job sooner or later. Now, I can’t tell you the time period. Okay. So it’s great to put aside a few dollars. 

If there are more questions that you would like to ask me,for example, if you don’t have a tenant or whatever the question is. Right. Just email me. Let’s get together. Let’s have a chat.  No hype, just the facts.Thanks


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