Despite the COVID-19 times, there is positive news out there. Let Veronika’s talk about, what’s positive out there!


Hi everyone, it”s Glen from 21st Century Group (constructions, investments, property management). I’m on a video call right now with Veronika who looks after 21st Century Boutique Properties in Brisbane and as you know majority of our investors invest with us. So currently with COVID 19, my question to Veronika is, What’s the atmosphere with the investment market, Veronika, at this moment?

Sure. I think first and foremost it’s really important to reassure the new investors that it is business as usual. We are here, we are working and we are contactable whether by phone or by email. We are always here. And I’m really happy also to advise that in the last month, we’ve had three new builds that have leased prior to settlement. That’s fantastic and one of them actually also was leased prior to even going on and that’s really positive.

So, that’s the biggest thing is to reassure them that we are still working, business is as usual and we of course advise them of the application processes and qualifying the tenants, again we’re doing the videos, running through with prospective applicants doing face times, so we really are trying really hard to minimize the vacancy and to lease the properties before settlement.

Thanks Veronika. That’s great, great positive feedback. Oh by the way everyone out there, they are not just working, they are socializing as well! If you know what I mean. Like cheese, biscuits, glass of wine once in while, all of that. But to all the investors out there great news, it’s not doom and gloom as what some people are talking about and as I always keep on saying “There’s light at the end of the tunnel” We just need to keep on marching on.

Once again, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group and we’ll talk sometime next week. Bye Veronika. Bye everyone. Bye. Thank you. You’re welcome. Bye.


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