What I do with vacancy is I show the investor, if that investment is not rented for two weeks, what it would cost them, four weeks etc … I even show them if it’s for three months.

Well if it’s for three months, as I said, you’ve got a dud, you’ve got a lemon. There’s something radically wrong.

Maybe your property manager is not talking to you about maybe reducing the rent by $10 or $15 or your property manager is not showing you what the market conditions are because why should you have your place vacant for six weeks, eight weeks, which is gonna cost you a lot of money when all that you had to do was drop your rent down for a short period of time, but let’s say $10 or $15.

It works out on the long run. You got a tenant makes you feel good, happy. If you’re not too sure of that, you ring me. And that’s exactly what I told them, if your property manager is not looking after your place or you’re not too sure, always ring me or email me because it’s in writing. I like to answer emails, so there’s no shades of gray.


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