One of the main things that I love about running 21st Century is the socialising aspect of it or the socialising part of it. I just love meeting people. I love showing them how an investment can benefit them on the long run. Right. Taking them through the steps,putting their fears to ease, because everyone is scared as hell, when you talk about an investment. Especially an investment which is going to cost them a few hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s basically what I love doing. Even if I don’t run the company, just going and meeting people. That’s what I love most. That’s and really that’s what I absolutely love. Just meeting people for the first time and then seeing them after a few years, getting their second investment, third investment. The first is always the hardest and they’re going to ask you lots of questions, many questions and as the person who knows how it all works and after doing it for all these years, it’s my job it’s my duty to put their minds at ease. For the second and third they will never ask all these questions. As a matter of fact what they would say is “Hey Glen,just do it for us”, and away you go. And that’s basically what it is. Just making them feel comfortable. And doing the right thing, just putting them on the right path To me it’s, you feel great. I took a person who was sceptical who was scared, first timer, about to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars and made them feel good. Made them feel great. Given them something, which they could use for the future. Make them feel good. That’s what it’s all about.It’s all worth it. When I get a testimonial, either written or video, to me that’s what it’s all about. I’ve made you happy. That’s it. I’ve made you happy. Simple.


Investing In Property Has Never Been So Easy 

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