What are the latest updates on our renting process?

We have adapted to new processes in order to meet you personally with your real estate needs in the current situation.

Our 21st Century Boutique Properties team are facilitating online auctions with easy-to-use tech-based platforms.

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Hi everyone, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group, investments, constructions, property management. I’m video conferencing Veronika who looks after 21st Century Boutique Properties, the property management and sales company in Brisbane. I’ve had a lot of of my existing investors ring me, email me and asked me: How is the renting process at the moment in this state, in this stage?

So let me ask Veronika that question. Veronika say hi to everyone! “Hi everyone!” Veronika a lot of the investors Currently are asking me the question and I’m sure they’re asking you as well, how’s the renting process happening at the stage with COVID19?

Sure, thank you Glen. Many of you would know that we are not allowed to do open homes, and yes that has been a challenge. However, that set aside it’s business as usual. This week alone, we have leased four properties, which has been great. We’ve adopted some new processes; one of them being, we are entering to a vacant property and conducting a walk-through video. Now that video is then uploaded to our website, to the realestate.com advertising campaign and also YouTube. When a person inquires about the property through real estate.com, we are then able to qualify the tenants by telephone, we are sending the tenants the application to them via email. They are then filling out, completing that process and sending it back to us.

We will process the application at that stage and we might even also call the landlord and pre-approve the applicants. if the applicants are interstate, we are face timing them, again doing a walkthrough video with them, they might want to point to somewhere specific that they would like us to show them. So we’re still trying to keep it as personal as we can. Otherwise, we will make an appointment for a one-on-one viewing.

Okay. Good. Excellent! Thanks for that. Well everyone, now you’ve heard what Veronika had to say. Tune in next week, whenever and we’ll do another question and answer time with Veronika.

Thanks. Goodbye. Pleasure. Thank you. Bye bye.


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