In Australia, you are allowed to use your superannuation to buy an investment property. Let’s see how it works.

Let’s say you have $150,000 in your super fund, a combined income of $100,000 and you want to buy an investment property using your superannuation.

The property is worth $500,000 so the loan amount would be $350,000.

The total income of the superfund will be from rent and employer contributions.

Rent at 4% as a rate of return.

Employer contributions at 9.5% which equals $9,500.

The total income between rent and contributions is $29,500 dollars per annum.

The expenses include:

Interest at say 6.5% equals to $22,750

Council rates and water rates equals $1,500

Insurance on the property equals $1,000

Landlord insurance equals $272

Management fee of around 7% which is equal to $1,400

Tax and audits on the superfund equal to about $2,000

Total expenses $28,922

Total income of $29,500 less $28,922 dollars in expenses is $578

The capital appreciation at say 5% of the property value is $25,000. At 5% per annum in capital appreciation in 10 years the property would be worth $814,447. At 7% per annum in capital appreciation in 10 years the property would be worth $983,576.

In summary, your $150,000 superannuation investment could be turned into a one million dollar investment in the next 10 years.

Let us show you that investing in property has never been so easy. We can help you understand how it works and give you the guidance and the safety nets to start.

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