DATE: 17/06/2019

Yarrabilba’s brand-new sports fields are being built and are expecting to be open by the end of the year.

Located on the corner of Yarrabilba Drive and Woodward Avenue (opposite McKinnon Drive), they’re close to the new schools that will be opened in the future.

The sports fields will include rugby fields, football fields, car parking, amenities building, landscape features and public artwork.

At the moment, the internal road and car park are now complete and the amenities building is now starting to take shape. Laser levelling of the fields is underway and soon the LED sports lighting will be installed. The fabrication of the artwork to be located at the corner of Yarrabilba Drive and Woodward Ave is nearing completion and we anticipate this impressive piece will be installed in July.

The sports ovals are on track to open later this year – we’ll keep you updated on the progress.