Source: Weekly Times

FROM inception to execution it has been about two years for Costco to enter Ipswich.

Today is the day, the doors opened at 8am, and being member-focused, the American retail giant announced its opening, first to members, by direct mailout.

Received at the start of April, many thought it was an April Fool’s Joke.

Costco were set to open at the end of February and declined to comment on what has been taking so long.

The QT understands there have been hold-ups in regards to roadworks, allowing shoppers to safely exit the massive Bundamba site.

The $50 million warehouse construction project initially created 90 jobs and now employs about 280 full-time and part-time workers.

On site there is car parking for 825 vehicles and a Costco service station for traffic visiting Citiswich and along the adjoining Ipswich Motorway, Cunningham and Warrego highways.

Work started on the site in November 2017 and already the massive warehouse has taken shape and signs have been added to the building and the nearby petrol station.

Now the store is open, there is a membership office at the warehouse and its neighbouring petrol station has been pumping for almost a month now, beating other servos by between 6 and 12c/L.

The annual Costco membership costs $55 for businesses and $60 for individuals and there are opening week coupons have specials on every-day essentials.

The results of the supermarket giant’s entrance into the market can already be seen, with “the Costco Effect” taking place on neighbouring Puma at Citiswich dropping its prices.

Costco Australia’s managing director Patrick Noone expects the spillover to be far greater and activate that part of Bundamba.

Something about Costco’s second Queensland opening has infatuated and captured QT readers since we dropped the news back in 2016.

Now there’s nothing left to do – except kick back and enjoy the bargains.