Originally published on The Queensland Times

TELSTRA is planning on building a new telecommunications facility to improve 4G service in one of Ipswich’s fastest growing suburbs.

Visionstream Australia has submitted a development application on behalf of Telstra to Ipswich City Council to erect the tower in South Ripley.

Optus is also in the process of getting approval to build a mobile phone base station in Ripley.

The telco’s proposal planned for 1387-1435 Ripley Rd is part of round four of the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspot Program.

“The proposal is necessary to provide improved 4G telecommunications services within

the South Ripley area and surrounding localities,” the application noted.

“The site has been identified as the most appropriate location for the new facility given the site-specific coverage objectives of the facility.”

The proposal includes installing a 40m monopole, six antennas on a headframe, an equipment shelter, a new property pole to power the site, a new access route within the property and a new crossover on Ripley Rd.

“In order to remedy the lack of mobile phone coverage in the aforementioned areas Telstra wishes to establish a new mobile telecommunications base station facility the subject site,” the application noted.

“Telstra carefully examined a range of possible deployment options in the area before concluding that a new telecommunications facility at the subject site would be the most

appropriate solution to provide necessary mobile phone coverage.

“Importantly, the proposed facility will provide enhanced mobile phone coverage to the surrounding area, to ensure quality of coverage for users.

“The area surrounding the coverage area includes only one single other facility, a 30m

monopole approximately 4km north of the coverage area.

“Given the height of the tower, the distance from the coverage area and the presence of existing Telstra equipment on the facility, it was not considered possible to provide coverage to the required area.

“A new telecommunications facility is required.”


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