See the problem with a lot of folks out there Jeff is that they talk to the wrong people, or they might talk to a person who’s already got one investment or maybe two and they would think that this investor knows everything but they don’t. It’s like from Kindergarten right up to University, there are many stages in between. One or two does not qualify you to be an investment “guru”. And I also believe that a lot of people should not be listening to some of these so-called investment “gurus” who are out there because they’re not. I’ve read that much on what they say, and listen to what they say I just hold my head thinking on whose side are you? Well I know on whose side you are. You’re on your side. You’re not on the investor’s side. So I think they need to talk to their accountant. They need to visit my website, and here are the details and that’s basically it.


Investing In Property Has Never Been So Easy 

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