Investment properties…..not for us so we thought! Then introducing Glen Wambeek, 21st Century Property Investments Pty Ltd., and the hardest thing we had to do was picking a colour palate.We have known Glen for over 7 years now, the first 5 years we met a couple of times and John and I being people who do not take risks, said we would think about an investment property. Well, let me tell you I only wished we had taken the step 7 years ago.

We are now the proud owners of an investment property for the past 18 months and it couldn’t be easier.Glen, John and I sat down to talk about owning an investment property and I only had one statement to Glen, “I do not want to do a thing, I am very time poor due to my very demanding job”. I also said that I do not want to spend my time paying rate notices and looking after an investment property…in comes Glen, “you will not have to do a thing expect choose your colours”, and true to his word that’s all we had to do.

We are thrilled with our investment; the property agent that Glen introduced us to is fantastic. We have great tenants and we hardly ever have to think about the property except for the smile on our faces when our statement is emailed to us every month. In a nutshell, Glen takes care of everything. We totally trust Glen as he knows the investment business, and we are so pleased to have taken this step. For anyone thinking about investing in property, Glen Wambeek will be your solution to investing in the future. Glen, we thank you for your excellent advice and all your help.

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