===================== Hi everyone, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group,constructions, property management and investments. Most of you know that I absolutely love a certain area in Queensland, in Brisbane, called Springfield. So I would just like to tell you the history of not just Springfield, but my journey or history with this fantastic development. I love it. I think it was 1992. By the way, this is May 2020, so it’s taken me that long to talk to you about it. I think, it was in 1992 I was shown a development in Brisbane which was only 17 kilometres from the CBD called Forest Lake. I thought it was the ants pants, I thought it was great. And it was developed at that time by a company called Delfin. A few years went by and then Lendlease got involved with it and it went as Delfin-Lendlease and then a few years went by and Delfin was dropped off and it just became Lendlease. It was a thousand hectares, thousand something hectare development. Great development! In about, I think it was 1997, 1998 I was shown a development 27 kilometers from the Brisbane CBD, so towards going towards Ipswich called Springfield Lakes. And at that time when I first saw it, I thought to myself, “oh there’s nothing here”! It was just bare land basically, a few houses, and that was it. And I thought forget it you know, this is just a development, it’s not going to be something great. How wrong I was. And so it took me a couple of years, and I think it was in 2000 when I started doing things in Springfield Lakes. Okay. So here’s the history. So 2000, this is 2020, 20 years have gone by. Right? So folks let me go back 20 years 2000 when I started doing my first house in Springfield. Okay. So it took me a couple of years to get the hang of it. What’s going to happen with this place? Is it going to go bonkers like everyone else or is it going to be just a place just another old development? So I’m going to go to the map, I need my glasses for this. All right? So I need my glasses. So when I first went there, you see this the yellow part? That’s the school. Okay? That’s Woodcrest College and it was only up to year six. Now it’s a full school, you know year one to year 12. All of that is there. And there was just a small, like a neighbourhood shopping center. It had a Coles in it. Quite small and that’s just that little part. Okay now, this little shopping center has become all of that. And there’s also an indoor swimming pool over there. It’s quite a nice indoor swimming pool. So let’s count the number of shopping centers that are in Springfield. So there’s one over here. Near Brookwater, there’s another shopping center with a Woolworths. Just over here, there’s another shopping center with an IGA in it, One, two, three. Shopping center, shopping center and that’s the Orion Shopping Center which is absolutely massive. It’s huge, It’s got its own cinemas, it’s just great. Okay. Huge shopping center, restaurants everything. So there are six shopping centers. Well one is massive, the others you would say, it’s more like, you know, small shopping centers. All right? So you’re not more than five minutes away, from a shopping center or a school. Or some sort of activity like swimming pools or tennis courts or basketball courts just tops, tops five minutes. That’s one school, so let’s count the number of schools: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven schools. Eleven schools in Springfield. Now Springfield is about three, I think it’s about 2,970 hectares something like that. Let’s say 3,000 hectares all up. 11 schools. You got public schools as well as private schools. A couple of catholic schools, Anglican, Saint Peter’s Lutheran. So you’ve got a nice little mix of schools. You’ve got the University of Southern Queensland, stage one and stage two, you’ve got a Tafe, let’s call that Education City. You’ve got a Tafe, you’ve got stage one of the Mater hospital and right next to the Mater Hospital you’ve got the Quest Hotel. I’ll tell you something, I want to tell you about the University, I’ll never forget the way


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