Hello everyone it’s Glen from 21st Century Group, Constructions, Investments and Property Management.Today I want to talk to you about good debt versus bad debt, all right. What would I consider as good debt? Education all right, if you pay for someone’s education or you spend money on your education, I believe that’s a good debt, you might have fall into debt to pay for it but it’s a good debt. Also I believe anything where you buy an asset which appreciates is a good debt, all right as well as and since I’m in property I would normally classify real estate as a good debt, but it also depends where you purchase the real estate. Now, if you purchase something which is in the desert and it’s not going to increase in value, right it’s not really that much of a good debt, all right so you need to purchase something where it’s going to increase in value. Bad debt I would say, number one on the list: Credit cards all right bad debt, also purchasing I remember once this person told me I’m going to purchase this particular car because it’s going to increase in value and I told them listen it’s never going to increase in value all right unless you buy a 1961 Ferrari California or something like that right, so you all these little things of Credit cards, cars, which I know you need a car but it’s not going to really increase in value. What you also need to do is you need to consolidate, if you have a few different loans into a particular loan, right and you need to have a good Mortgage Broker or a good Banker who can show you how it all works. So folks, take your time think about this and if there’s anything more that you want to talk to me about just don’t hesitate to give me a ring or email me Constructions, Investments, Property Management. I’ll see you later, thanks a lot.


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