For a long while we wanted to have an investment property but we did not know anything on how it works and more importantly where to start. Besides we heard horror stories of dodgy operators that every offer ‘to help’ was met with skepticism and distrust until our accountant Mike Alvarez introduced us to Glenn Wambeek of 21st Century Group.

Immediately after our first meeting, we knew we found the person we could trust. It was so easy to warm up to him – a huge huggly teddy bear with a winning smile, he has an amiable disarming personality. Moreover, it was apparent that Glenn is equipped with extensive experience in property development in Queensland that added to his professionalism and honesty. We approve of how accommodating he conducted himself, showing patience and answering our every question and concern on property investment.

With passion and excitement, Glenn gave us a guided tour of the Southwestern Queensland growth area outlining the ongoing developments and future plans that underline investment decisions. He generously picked us up from the airport and made sure we were well fed, had a good and enjoyable time including photo opps of scenic spots in Brisbane on the way to viewing several properties on offer.

What was remarkable was that we were never pressured to make a quick or haphazard decision. We were given enough time to assess and think things over, get independent advice and look carefully whether or not a property venture would be to our best interest. During construction we were constantly updated on the progress of the work by providing photographs at every stage of the process as well as development in and around the area such as the new school, shopping centre, hospital, etc.

Getting an investment property rented was one of our major concerns. With Glenn and his team of property managers Veronica and Jessica who provided professional and personalised service, we were confident that vacancy was not a problem. Glen even offered to rent it himself which was not necessary as his team already had found a tenant. Yes, with Glenn’s extensive experience and expertise from land acquisition, building construction and property management our first property investment venture was a walk in the park.

Emi and Adet Torres

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