Our first meeting with Glen was a few years ago. We met and had a chat and spoke about the different possibilities and outcomes of what we could achieve with an investment property. 

At the current time, with our finances, we were not in a position to invest so we held off. During this period, Glen still kept us up to date with new areas to invest and new possibilities.

One day we received an email from Glen about possibly using our super to buy an investment, so we did some research then got in contact with Glen to get him to work on some numbers for us. We were a bit sceptical of using our super money to invest but after seeing some rough numbers from Glen, and when I say rough numbers, I mean Glen had worked everything out at a worst case scenario for us, we felt a bit better. We then continued with the process of setting up the self managed super fund and getting our finance approved and purchasing an investment in sunny North Queensland.

During the process of investing with our super, we had several conversations with Glen about our finance in our current home. Although we had some equity and some money behind us it would not have been viable to buy an investment of anything over $500,000, so Glen came back to us with a property that would suit us and our budget. We thought about this property for some time and finally made our mind up to go with it.

This all happened during the period of when Covid first struck Australia, a period where it was almost impossible to have face to face meetings and a time when people and banks did all their work from home. Even during this time, Glen found a way to make it all work and to make it all seem very effortless. Also, as this was our second time sorting out all the paper work, things just seemed to fall straight into place. With Glen’s final touches here and there, it was an effortless process.

So in a nut shell, with Glen’s help and advice, we have bought 1 investment that is building wealth with our super fund for our retirement. The second investment is helping us build a property portfolio today.

I would, and already have, highly recommended Glen and staff to friends and family with all expectations that they will be more than happily satisfied with the service and professionalism form Glen and his team.

Daniel and Rebecca Robertson

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