Corey Sealby

“YOU DON’T JUST GET A PROPERTY MANAGER, YOU GET AN HONEST, RELIABLE FRIEND WHOSE BEST INTERESTS ARE FOR YOU AND YOUR LONG TERM INVESTMENT.”   I have known Veronika Bendzalova for the past 12 years from the Real Estate Industry. She has worked very closely with my staff and I over this time as we engage in the ongoing repair and maintenance for her ever growing rental role whilst she worked for a local Agent in the Springfield Lakes area. During these 12 years we have carried out an array of different jobs and requests set out by Veronika in which she has overseen to ensure all maintenance and repairs are done efficiently and that all the coordination has been carried out to the highest standard. Veronika is very Professional and is exceptional in what she does. It has made it very easy for us to work for her over the years and we hope to continue the great professional relationship for many years to come. Veronika is an asset to the real estate industry and I have had no hesitation in the past recommending potential landlords to take their time and invest in what Veronika has to offer in way of property management. You don’t just get a property manager, you get an honest, reliable friend whose best interests are for you and your long term investments. Warm Regards. Corey Sealby