Salvador and Samantha

We first heard of Glen many years ago through a family friend, but we felt that we would never be able to invest. One day we decided to give Glen a call and arrange a meeting so he could explain how investing works.Glen was thorough in his knowledge of the booming areas in Queensland, and…

Ranjith and Kumari

“Glen and team are very experienced and passionate in their work, and we were more than happy to be working with them. We highly recommend Glen Wambeek!”

Matthew and Karen Grech

We recommend Glen Wambeek and 21st Century Group to anyone looking to purchase an investment property. Glen and team were fantastic, excellent service, honest and action when needed.

Daniel and Rebecca Robertson

“This all happened during the period of when Covid first struck Australia, a period where it was almost impossible to have face to face meetings and a time when people and banks did all their work from home. Even during this time, Glen found a way to make it all work and to make it all seem very effortless. Also, as this was our second time sorting out all the paperwork, things just seemed to fall straight into place. With Glen’s final touches here and there, it was an effortless process.”

Barton Green and Supriya Ramlu

We have followed through with a 2nd property solely because of the relationship we have with Glen and the experience from the purchase of the 1st property.
The communication throughout the whole process is great, lots of clear photos of the construction and the staff is great in regards to keeping us updated with any other information.

Geoffrey and Melisa Hanslow

From our very first meeting with Glen he made us feel at ease and we both knew he was someone we could trust and put our faith in to do the right thing by us and he has certainly done that.

Paul S

“Trust is one of the hardest things to earn and the easiest to lose. It is something I take very seriously. From the first telephone conversation to our first catch up in Canberra, Glen Wambeek earned my trust. No question was too trivial for him and his forthright no-nonsense manner put me instantly at ease.”

Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks “In the case of all three properties, I have been incredibly impressed by Glen’s attention to detail, his availability (at virtually any time of the day), the efficiency of the process, the quality of the properties and the management of the rental side of things. My association with Glen Wambeek began in the…”…

Michael and Melinda Gavin

“THE ONLY THING WE REGRET IS NOT HAVING MET GLEN TEN YEARS AGO, IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED BY NOW.” We would like to begin by saying thank you to Glen Wambeek for helping us to take the next step in building our portfolio and making it so easy. Investing in real estate has…

Christopher and Katia Joseph

“THE PERSONAL ATTENTION WE RECEIVED FROM GLEN AND THE TEAM AT 21st CENTURY GROUP MADE THE DECISION AND PROCESS OF INVESTING AN EASY ONE” My Wife and I, would like to personally Thank you for taking us on our first Property Investment journey. The personal attention we received from Glen and the Team at 21st Century Group…