Can anyone invest in property?

Are you watching others around you build their property portfolios and wondering if you could own an investment property?

On this video, Glen is explaining what you need to meet as the minimum requirement to start as a property investor and things to consider before taking the first step.

Can anyone invest? That was the question once asked from me. Most folks can. Not everyone can but most can. If you own your own home and you’ve got some equity in it or if you’ve got some cash deposits, yes you can invest in property. But you need to know the concept. You need to know how it works, you need to know the pitfalls, as well as the benefits of investing in property.

It’s a long-term investment, it isn’t short-term, it’s a long-term investment. Keep that in mind. And you need to know the answers before you get into it. Why don’t you email me? Here’s my email address. I think it’s there right. Let’s sit down, have a bit of a chat, see if investing in property is for you. All right. No hype just the facts! See you later.


Investing In Property Has Never Been So Easy


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