Buying new or old property investment?

Here is a quick video on new vs. old investments properties. What would it better for you?

As you are aware, we need to get in-depth about the benefits of investing in a brand new property. 


Hi everyone, it’s Glen from 21st Century Group and as you know we are the umbrella arm for investments, construction, property management and sales.

Some, a lot of people ask me shouldn’t be an existing home for you as an investment or does it need to be brand new? Well, if it’s brand new, you’re going to get maximum tax deductions and if it’s existing it just depends how long it is. This is not a question which I could answer in a minute or two minutes. It takes some time so, it would be best for you to email me so that we could sit down and have a chat. 

But let me condense it. Well if it is for your self managed superfund, it needs to be built. You cannot purchase a house and land package, you can’t settle on the land and then build a house, unless well that too depends if you are borrowing the money. If you are not borrowing the money, there are so many ways around it. 

If it’s under your own name a brand new would be the best way to go for maximum tax deductions, so why don’t you email me and depending on your borrowing capacity and the time that’s on your side, the length of the period you want to keep the investment for, I could work out the best strategy for you. 
Okay, so email me. Thanks for watching this video. If you would like to know more, once again email me and please like, comment and share this post with your friends. Greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching. See you again soon. Bye for now.


Investing In Property Has Never Been So Easy 

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