I would like to thank Glen for all the help and support he has provided in getting me my first investment property at Springfield Lakes. I first heard of Glen and 21st Century from a work colleague and friend who had recently bought an investment property with Glen at Springfield Lakes and highly recommended to me that I do the same. Since I made the decision to get an investment property for tax reasons, Glen has been there the whole way, providing help and support when needed.

Anytime I had an issue or question, I could call Glen anytime and he would always get back to me straight away. I had one issue with my bank, who had undervalued the land and property, which raised some concerns for me. So I called Glen who explained that the bank’s valuers are unreliable, as they compare to other properties which are not similar and often undervalue so they have less risk. He also went the extra effort to reassure me and provided valuations of similar properties which he had built in the area.

Happy with Glen’s assurances I went ahead with the property and have been pleased how easy it was to see the house built. Glen regularly provided photos and kept in touch through the whole process. As soon as the House was completed, I had a tenant in there straight away at exactly the weekly rent that Glen had promised I would get since the first meeting. I also went up to inspect the property soon after it was completed and Glen was a great host and picked us up from the airport and showed us the whole town and not just our property.

Glen’s enthusiasm for Springfield Lakes is justified as it is a great area with lots of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing my Tax accountant next year to reap the benefits! Once again, thanks Glen for your hard work and always making yourself available to address my concerns.

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