Here are some of the important financial suggestions to have when investing in property.

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Hi folks, its Glen from 21st Century Group and as you may or may not know we are the umbrella arm for investments, construction, property management and sales. One of the questions some investors ask me is whether they are in the right financial position to invest. Well to answer that question, it depends.

So if you’ve got your own home and you got equity, you can use the equity in your own home to invest in a property. If you don’t have equity or you don’t have your own home, you need cash. And another way to invest is a group of friends or a relative might be able to help you if they’ve got some equity.

So there are many ways which you could be in the right financial position to invest. But you also need to know, how much of cash or a few dollars you could put aside every week, just for a rainy day. Because a lot of people talk about positive gearing and negative gearing, and they think it’s always going to be sweet and rosy, it ain’t. Put aside a little bit of money. That all comes into the equation, are you in the right financial position to invest? Write down your questions, financial questions, talk to an expert someone who’s got your best interest at heart. Definitely not Cowboys. Okay. Hang on, I got nothing against Cowboys. I love John Wayne! You don’t know who John Wayne is? “Living under a rock”? Find out who John Wayne is.

Anyway, yes why don’t you give me a ring or email me to find out a little bit more and also please like, share and post this video with your friends. Okay. Thanks for watching. See you again soon. Bye for now.


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