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Established in 1993 by Glen Wambeek, the 21st Century Group Pty Ltd. ensures that the design and materials used in the construction of our homes are of the highest standard.

Here at 21st Century Property Investments Pty Ltd., we build and sell our own house and land packages. Buying directly form a construction company eliminates any commission fee to be paid to a marketing company. We are a fully licensed Construction company in Brisbane.

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Industry Experts

We are industry experts in building and developing successful property investment portfolios for a range of different budgets and specifications.


First Class Service

We are passionate about first class service, and offer personalized, one-to-one consultations to assess our prospective investors individual needs, matching them to properties that meet their requirements exactly.


Buy Directly from the Builder

Our simplified property investment process allows you to buy direct from us, eliminating hidden costs and additional charges. We manage the entire process internally, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality from start to finish.


Secure Property Investment

Our proven track record means you can be rest assured that your secure property investment will result in long-term capital growth and high rental returns for many years to come.

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George and Susan Bonakey

In my forty years working in the construction industry as a design professional, it is rare to find a competent and trustworthy builder who delivers on his promises, and to a high standard of workmanship.

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Max Avalos

They make the process easy!! The only thing I had to worry about was what colours I wanted in my new investment property in Yarrabilba!

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Alok and Miriam

You are transparent in sharing how the process works, flexible in how you approach the investment property purchase to rental cycle…

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Brendon and Charlotte Kop

The one-stop-shop package for not only the construction of our investment property, but the tenancy of our investment property made the entire process even more seamless

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