About Us

Established in 1993 by Glen Wambeek, the 21st Century Group Pty Ltd. ensures that the design and materials used in the construction of our homes are of the highest standard.

Here at 21st Century Property Investments Pty Ltd., we build and sell our own house and land packages. Buying directly form a construction company eliminates any commission fee  to be paid to a marketing company.


21st Century Property Investments Pty Ltd

21st Century Property Constructions Pty Ltd

21st Century Boutique Properties Pty Ltd


Hello, and welcome to 21st Century Group Pty. Ltd

Firstly, let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to learn more about my companies, 21st Century Group Pty Ltd, the holding company which encompasses 21st Century Property Investments Pty Ltd, 21st Century Property Constructions Pty Ltd, 21st Century Boutique Properties Pty Ltd and 21st Century Marketing & Advertising Pty Ltd.

I founded my investment companies in 1993. With offices in both Sydney and Brisbane, our aim as a business is to provide you with a means to building long-term wealth via sound property investments in Brisbane.

Fostering a unique approach that is specifically tailored to each of our investors needs, service is at the very core of our business model. I work hard to ensure 21st Century Group isn’t viewed as just another faceless investment corporation. For me, it’s about developing personal relationships, taking the time to understand your long-term goals, and doing everything we can to achieve them.

I personally prioritise relationships with longevity, and believe the only way to do that is by providing the best product on the market and looking after you, the investor. By doing away with gimmicks and hype, and instead focusing on a process of empowerment, education and mentoring, the enduring relationships we have developed with many of our investors have seen them return to us time and time again, building lucrative property portfolios that continuously exceed their expectations.

Having started my business from scratch, I am now lucky enough to work with a hand picked, dedicated team who are as passionate about 21st Century Group and everything we stand for as I am. My business thus far has been built on 100% referrals because my clients know they can count on us. We are committed to going above and beyond the standard remit, and will assist you every step of the way, seven days a week.

In an industry that can often be both confusing and misleading, my absolute passion for first class service, in depth knowledge of the market and proven results speak for themselves.

I hope that the information provided is of interest as you prepare to take the first step in this exciting journey. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions, and I look forward to meeting with you personally very soon.

Glen Wambeek